Keratin hair

The secret behind DC keratin hair

Quality is the key – premium and exclusive hair – DC hair is one of the highest quality available in the market. Our sources of hair undergo strict selection and originate from west of India & Nepal

DC hair upholds the highest quality standards that DC sets when collecting the hair. A. Flexible hair texture. B. No split ends.
C. Extremely healthy hair ends, not dry. D. Hair that has not been dyed or undergone any other process in the past. E. Not too much short hair in a bundle and full hair ends.

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DC bonding system

DC experts have developed a one of a kind hair dyeing and lightening method. The materials we use are not aggressive or harmful in any way. The dyeing process is carried out under the strictest professional supervision. The hair process is performed by adding pure silk, which maintains the hair’s texture, sheen, and resilience, containing amino acids that add maximal protection whenever the hair undergoes dyeing or lightening.

We offer approximately 50 colors that grant the hairstylist a large palette of colors to choose from. This facilitates customizing the colors to every customer. DC control department is extremely meticulous. It’s no wonder our hair is classified in the world as super-premium. The hair is sold and delivered to customers only after undergoing a rigorous and thorough inspection. Once you begin using DC hair, you will never be alone.

Our technical support department is always at your service. Beyond the fine quality of the hair itself, DC offers an amazing bonding technique that allows the professional user to create a fine and extremely thin flat bond that is very kind to your hair and comfortable to wear. Our bondings are heat resistant, moisture resistant, and maintain premium quality even after many showers, swimming in seawater or swimming pools. 

Keratin hair - Before & After

Keratin hair lengths available options

DC digital color ring

Up to 50 colors – Ombre, Mix and Light colors
Important note* : By hovering or clicking on the color Image, you’ll view the color number.
In order to see full size image, please click on it.
– The colors are illustrative for web display and to assist on initial order.
– Whoever chooses to work with our brand, recommended to purchase a color ring