What's unique about DC extentape?

DC Extentapes are very small and lay extremely flat and comfortably on your head. Our experts have developed an amazing and unique bonding fiber attachment that has a powerful grip and at the same time is very safe on the user’s head.

It can be applied very gently with the help of the DC tape plier in a very short time. DC tape attachments last for more than 10 weeks on the user’s head and it’s effortless to remove when the time to renew, and it can be reapplied easily, over and over again. 

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DC TAPE - Always together

DC Extentape comes with premium exclusive human hair that has been collected and treated with the highest quality control to ensure a long-lasting hair extension life.  Our hair comes with a wide selection of trendy color effects and five different lengths. Remember that when you become our customer, you are continually under our care and never alone.

Extentape- Before & After

Extentape lengths available options

DC digital color ring

Up to 50 colors – Ombre, Mix and Light colors
Important note* : By hovering or clicking on the color Image, you’ll view the color number.
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– The colors are illustrative for web display and to assist on initial order.
– Whoever chooses to work with our brand, recommended to purchase a color ring