DC Hair Solutions have the right tools for the maximum results, we design and develop all of our professional hair extension tools ourselves and

they are specifically designed for our clients. You can check the current page to receive more information on each tool.

Extentape replacement

Unique technology - it has a firm grip which is easy to release.

Extentape application plier

DC plier will assure a solid grip and to ensure the attachment of the two side tape.

Keratin Bonding & Extentape spray remover – 2 in one

This spray will help to release the strength of the hair extensions when it’s time to renew, Quickly without harming the hair or damage to the client hair. For keratin bonds Press a few times using DC plier remover to unleash the strength of the keratin bonds, then pull out the extensions from the lower edge pulling slightly out of the client’s hair. For Extentape Spray over the tape around the tape, leave it on for a few seconds, then carefully pull apart the upper and the lower tape.

DC hair brush

DC hair care brush made from the best and the highest quality materials. It's designed to meet user's needs and style. The perfect choice for all types of hair extensions, micronet and wigs.

Keratin bonding removal plier

This plier will assure a very quick release of the keratin bonding when time to renew, made of the best materials for long lasting use.

Micronet pulling needle

To maximize the micronet volume process, Perfect accuracy when pulling the thin hair over the micronet topper

Heat protection shield

For a clean and safe hair extension process for the most accurate result when extending the keratin units bonds.