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DC solution for thin hair

Micronet is a partial hair extension made of a dense, delicate net micro-technology that is lightweight and comfortable on the user’s head. DC Micronet hair extensions are a perfect solution when it’s time to do activities such as swimming and all kind of sports exercises. 

A partial Micronet extension is specially adapted to the condition of your hair and solves special problems as small bald spots. It’s a unique technique to add volume, Micronet hair extensions are comfortable on your head and do not require shaving or gluing. It’s a partial hair piece that provides a perfect look of full, rich, beautifully styled hair.

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Micronet hair extension is permanently attached to the very thin hair of the users and remains for several weeks. There is no need to remove it each day. It is lightweight and does not harm your own natural hair, looks natural, and feels comfortable. This is a unique Volume Solution for thinning hair. Women who suffer from thinning hair can enjoy the perfect hair look they dreamt about and regain the look of full, rich, healthy hair. DC Hair Solutions has several types of partial hair extensions that restore a full, ideal look for women that are suffering from thinning hair.

Since there is so many types of baldness and thinning hair, DC hair solution expertise put all of their efforts on developing many different volume solutions to match all type of woman, to solve all kind of thinning problems and to provide a perfect ideal solution for every woman need.

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