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We choose the sources for our hair Carefully. The natural hair has to be very soft, shiny and flexible. The highest quality of 100% remy human hair.  The natural virgin hair has never gone through any chemical treatments such as dyeing or bleaching. The chosen hair must stand up to our quality codes and high standards.

We offer a wide selection of different colors and lengths so the hair stylists can easily match the hair extension to their clients. Thanks to the high quality that DC produces, the stylist can be very assured when they offer the DC hair to their customers. We promise you that they will be completely satisfied.

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Behind the scenes

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Hair extensions process

Firstly we start with a professional Dyeing Process, We do not bleach the hair with aggressive chemical lightening agents simply to obtain quick results. Instead, we use a unique traditional process in which the hair is placed in a special rinse that does not affect the hair quality when removing the dark pigment and thus allowing complete control of the hair units.

During the second stage, we use delicate dye powders combined with a pure silk extract containing 18 up to 19 natural amino acids. These ingredients provide the hair a natural shine and litheness and preserve the structure of the hair during the dyeing process. 

The dye powders and silk extract do not harm the structure of the hair but keep it naturally healthy, flexible and shiny while obtaining precise, natural colors. We do not use iron or process the hair with silicon to attain attractive, pleasing results. Instead, we soak the hair in pure silk extract that gives it suppleness, gloss, and a natural silky feel. In contrast to the artificial, industrial gloss that we see in other hair extensions, which usually disappears after it is washed for the first time.
In this way, our customers enjoy healthy, shiny, high-quality hair standards.

Hair extensions - Before & After

Keratin hair

Quality is the key - premium and exclusive hair – DC hair is one of the highest quality available in the market.


DC Extentapes are very thin and extremely comfortable on the user's head. Our sources of hair..

DC master class

Sami Daniel is a famous worldwide expert in the hair extensions industry. It is his sole field of expertise.