DC hair solution experts understand that baldness and hair loss can be very very particularly difficult and for this reason DC invest so much knowledge in developing many solutions for thinning hair and baldness.
DC offer a wide variety fashion wigs made of the highest grade natural top quality human hair. When using DC wigs’ you will definitely achieve the most natural look, comfortable feeling and it will make you feel more beautiful and confident life.
DC hair solutions offer you wide selections style color and multy lengths and shades.
Our wigs are manufactured from the healthiest strongest and most luxurious hair.
We produce all type of wigs as mono style lance front top skin and many other styles.

Lace front wig
Lace front wig give the appearance of an extremely Natural hair line particularly around the forhead.
Mono style wig
Mono style wig it offers the most realistic and natural appearance of scalp and the perfect hair movement possible. Its’ made by sewing the hair with precision in sections, this well allows the tied hairs to be parted and gross in any direction and it move just like your natural hair would.
DC silk top wig
This technigve allows a multi directional parting without worrying about the visible Knots:
The silk fabric on the top front of the wig cap well give you the illusion that the hair is actually
growing out of your own scalp.
There is no other technique that give a better and more natural look as the DC hair solutions silk top wig.