DC Volume Solution

Micronet is a partial hair extension made of a dense, delicate net made with micro-technology that is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Micronet hair extensions can withstand daily activities that are part of an active lifestyle. You can wear them continuously while swimming, sitting in a sauna, or driving with the car window open, without worrying about how your hair looks!

A partial micronet extension is especially adapted to the condition of your hair and solves special problems of small bald spots. Partial hair extensions are comfortable to wear and do not require shaving or gluing. A partial hair piece provides the look of full, rich, beautifully styled hair.

A partial micronet hair extension is permanently attached to the small amount of hair you have on your scalp and remains there for several weeks. There is no need to remove it or to put it on again each day. It is lightweight and does not harm your natural hair, looks natural, and feels comfortable.

Volume Solution Options
Partial extensions are the optimal solution for thinning hair. Women who suffer from thinning hair can arrange a meeting to select a partial extension and regain the look of full, rich, healthy hair.
DC Hair Solutions has several types of partial hair extensions that restore a full, ideal look for women suffering from thinning hair.
Since we cannot offer a single solution that is suitable for everyone, DC Hair Solutions offers different types of partial extensions. These extensions solve the problem of thinning hair for each individual and provide a perfectly matched and ideal solution for every woman’s needs.