Hair extensions

Our Hair
We choose the sources for our hair Carefully. DC Hair provides the highest quality hair available.
We offer hairdressers quality hair of a even length of 40 cm. in fashionable, popular colors. Hair stylists can rest assured that when they provide high-quality hair, their customers will be completely satisfied.
DC Hair Solutions’ hair is collected from several countries. The hair has never went through any chemical treatments such as dyeing or bleach. All hair must meet to our quality codes and high standards. Our hair comes from healthy young women, and we strictly adhere to moral and ethical values throughout the collection process.
It is quality, virgin hair of uniform length of 40 cm or more, and is available in Bundle, bonded keratin units, or is adhesive-taped for convenient work.
DC Hair Solutions’ hair is delicate hair of the highest quality that has not went through aggressive chemical treatments. Being wavy or straight and with natural movement, it can be easily suited to the customer’s natural wavy or straight hair.
The secret of DC Hair Solutions is the long-term relationship we maintain with hair suppliers throughout the world. The individuals we choose to work with do not compromise on quality, working professionally to provide high-quality hair for extensions.
The Dyeing Process
We try not to bleach hair with aggressive chemical lightening agents simply to attain quick results. Instead, we use a unique traditional process in which the hair is placed in a special rinse that does not affect the hair but does remove the dark pigment, thus allowing complete control of the hair units.
During the second stage we use delicate dye powders combined with a pure silk extract containing 17 natural amino acids. These ingredients lend the hair a natural shine and litheness and preserve the structure of the hair during the dyeing process. This technique produces the precise, desired hair color, while preserving the health of the hair.
The dye powders and silk extract do not harm the structure of the hair, but keep it naturally healthy, litheness and shiny, while attaining precise, natural colors. We do not iron or process the hair with silicon to attain attractive pleasing results. Instead, we soak the hair in pure silk extract that gives it suppleness, gloss, and a natural silky feel. This different from the artificial, industrial gloss that we see in other hair extensions, which usually disappears after it is washed for the first time.
In this way our customers enjoy healthy, shiny, high-quality hair of international standards.