Clip hair extensions from DC Hair Solutions are an easy, convenient way to acquire the
look of full, rich, and impressive long hair. Our clip hair extensions let you continue to
lead an active life including sports, swimming at the beach or pool, and other pursuits of
an active lifestyle.
Our clip hair extensions combine meticulous production with convenience and quality to
provide an ultimate, high-quality solution.
DC clip hair extensions are a popular product preferred by hair stylists and customers
Many hair stylists receive enthusiastic feedback from their customers, who continue to
express their pleasure at how lovely their hair looks.
Clip hair extensions do not become tangled when washed, respond well to styling with
heat, fan, straightening, or Babyliss when used according to the instructions.
The hair is silky to the touch, glossy, and comes with a warranty from DC Hair Solutions.

Length in
Length in
Weight per
4016"100 gr
4518"100 gr
5020"100 gr
5522"100 gr
6024"100 gr