Our warranty

DC professional agreement between DC Hair and the hairstylist to maintain the extent quality.

1. before installing the DC exten-tape wash the client’s hair very well with silicon and oil free shampoo to remove all fat or any other leftovers.
2. Do not apply to the client’s hair mask or conditioner of any kind before installing the extentape. 
3. The amount of hair units that is recommended to the same customer depends on the level of the hair density she has and the professional hairstylist diagnosis.
4. It is best to fasten the extentape with the DC plier for better results and a strong grip.
 5. Do not make any change in structure or texture of the extentape by using chemical or liquid substances for hair curling or any keratin liquid for hair straightening.
6. When it’s time to renew the DC exten-tape. remove the old tape tabs with the DC remover wash and dry well the base units only then attach the new tape tabs over again.
 7. Washing or coloring the roots of the client’s hair is forbidden before time passes 48 hours to maintain the strength of the tape.
8. Using any substance that causes a change or convert the hair pigment such as hair colors or silver shampoo can harmly reflect on the quality of the extensions

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